Emergency Food Storage

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    Stackable Water Container Kits
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    Saratoga Farms 3-Month Emergency Food Supply
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    EasyPrep 12-Month Emergency Food Supply
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    EasyPrep Emergency Food Supply Bucket - One Week
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    ION Water Treatment Drops
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    1 PACK - EasyPrep Meals & More Food Storage Kit
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  4. IOSAT
    IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets
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Food storage and emergency preparedness supplies are critical to be able to survive a disaster. In our modern society we can go to the local grocery store any time of day or night and buy whatever food we need. It is so easy and convenient that we don’t consider what we would do if that resource was not available. The idea of food storage can seem so drastic when we have a fully stocked grocery store right around the corner. But, speak with someone who has gone through a hurricane and ask them how quickly the store shelves get cleared out of canned food and water. Not only will those food stuffs disappear within hours or days, but they will not be replenished quickly. At that point you will have to rely on your own food storage to survive. You may have to survive only days, but it may be weeks or even months.

Why should you have food storage?

Insurance. Food storage is on the best insurance policies you will ever buy. And best of all, unlike other insurance policies, you can still use it even if you don’t ever really need it. Just remember, when the house is on fire, it is too late to buy fire insurance. You need to prepare ahead of time by having your food storage in place when you need it.

Hedge against inflation. As fuel and oil prices go up, so do food prices. This will happen. Since July 2008, oil and correspondingly gas prices have come down a ton, but never fear, they will go back up. The food you buy today will be considered a deal 20 years from now when it is still usable and good. That is also why you buy long shelf life items.

Peace of mind preparedness. What is peace of mind worth to you? With so many worries in our lives isn’t nice to be able to take one off the list? Having your food storage in place and being prepared will help you diminish the fear cycle that we experience when we watch the evening news.

Food storage is a sound investment. Every expense in your life is some kind of investment. Money spent of long term food storage will pay dividends as a usable insurance policy, as a hedge against inflation and by giving you peace of mind.

Why water storage?

Having access to clean water in an emergency is critical and almost always overlooked until it is too late. Depending on your health and age, you will live for 5-7 days without clean water. You can live much longer without food. Water is not easy to transport because it is so heavy. That means your emergency water plan should account for that.

The recommended amount of water from a variety of sources (like the American Red Cross) is 1 gallon of water per person per day. That is water for drinking, cleaning, cooking and sanitation. It is not for just drinking. You don’t drink a gallon of water on a normal day, but to be safe and to take of other needs, 1 gallon of water is the recommendation. If you start doing the math on how much storage space that would require for you and your family for 1 year, you will start to understand the recommendations below.

Why emergency gear?

With the right emergency gear and emergency supplies, you’ll add comfort and ease to your emergency plans. Being prepared for a disaster or job loss will never come at a convenient time. What if you need lights or candles, stoves to cook with; or a first-aid supplies. All of these things can be included in your stock or added to a survival kit to be picked up and used in a moment’s notice. Be prepared with all of these materials in case of an emergency!