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7 Survival Items to ALWAYS keep in your Car's Glove/Trunk Compartment

By Hunter Browning
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Disasters can happen at any time and in any place. Who knows when one will strike and that is why it is always important to be prepared beforehand. Sometimes you may not be at home when one was to happen so it is ideal to be prepared in every situation. That is why we put together a list of items that should be in your car during an emergency.

#1. First Aid Kit; Probably the most important one that you can have in your car, or in any situation. It is a good idea to have a big one in the trunk and a smaller sized one in your glove compartment. Many department stores sell compact kits that fit right in your glove box, should you ever need them. Check out our First-Aid Kits.

File:LED-headlamp.jpg - Wikimedia Commons#2. Flashlight; This one is important if your car battery were to die, you'll want to make sure you have some light for safety if it's pitch black outside. Whether you’re trying to change out a flat tire in the dark, inspect a broken part inside your engine compartment, search under your seat, or signal for help, having a reliable flashlight in your glove box survival kit is a must. A lot of people recommend getting two types of flashlights. One heavy, bright flashlight. Not only because it is super bright, but you can also use it in a self-defense situation. And the other one is a headlight. You can easily put this on your head to keep yourself hand free.

Leatherman 14-Tool REV Multi-Purpose Tool-832288 - The Home Depot#3. Multi-Tool; With the knives, screwdrivers, scissors, and other tools on it, this could greatly increase your chances of surviving any situation that may come your way. This will come in handy if a seat belt becomes jammed or if your car breaks down on the side of the road. Having one of these could end up saving your life.

#4. Road Atlas/Printed Maps(including a compass);  Navigation systems could fail during an emergency and you could find yourself very lost. Phone cell networks can go down for any number of reasons, and batteries can die. Nothing beats using an old fashion paper road map and compass for navigation.

#5.Heating Elements; space blanket, hand warmers, small fire extinguisher, fire starters. It is important to include all of these in your car as they can come in handy when certain types of situations were to happen. If you are in a situation where it might get cold at night, a space blanket and hand warmers will do the trick. If you are in an accident where a fire might come about, that fire extinguisher in your trunk or under your seat can do the job.

#6. Emergency Food and Water(if applicable); It's always better to have something than nothing at all.  You can keep any kind of energy bar in the glove box and even though you may not be able to fit emergency water in the car's glove compartment, you can easily keep a case of bottled water in a spare back seat or in the trunk.

#7. Face Masks:Face masks are important for protecting yourself from fumes and airborne contaminants during emergencies. There are numerous scenarios in which air becomes difficult and even dangerous to breathe Something like a DIY or an N95 mask, highly recommended, could save your life.

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A couple more. A whistle. If you are stranded, a whistle is better for signaling than yelling. Write down the universal signal for S-O-S and paste it to the door of your glove compartment. it is ••• — — — •••. In addition to food and water, tea bags or instant coffee sticks/packs or bullion is a valuable addition to keeping warm and boosting morale. Have some means of heating it. If your car still works, you can buy water heaters that plug into your cigarette — well, no longer cigarette, I guess, your auxiliary plug that will make the water beverage hot in just a few minutes. Lacking that, get a little Esbit stove and fuel so that you can brew up a cuppa. You will be amazed at how much better a hot beverage makes a problem seem. Some way to start a fire. I carry matches AND a couple of BIC lighters. I also carry a lumber pencil sharpener which is available at Big Box hardware stores. You can make shavings easily with the lumber pencil sharpener for starting fires to ignite the Esbit fuel you have for your Esbit stove. Coughlin Sporting Goods also make a similar stove. They are cheap, light and easy to use.