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Fishing for Survival

By Emily Hutchison
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Food is vital to survival. Access to food could be limited during a crisis. Knowing how to catch fresh fish could provide a much-needed source of food for you and your family. Here are a few fishing techniques that might just keep you fed and alive.

  • Primitive Basket Trap - You will need several of long bendable sticks. Bend 5 sticks into circles to form the frame of the basket trap. Attach long sticks to the frame until covered. The sticks should be close though together so fish don't escape. Trim the edges and close the end with shorter sticks. With the smallest two rings create a funnel and attach it to the inside of the baskets. This will allow the fish to swim into the trap but not back out again. Weigh the trap down with rocks and place it in the water. Tie an inflated bag to the top, this will float on the water and make finding the basket easier. Leave overnight, fish are typically more active at night when it cools down. Remove the funnel to remove the catch.
  • Soda Can Fishing Hook - One man's trash is another man's treasure. Soda can tabs can be very useful for survival. Pull off the tab from an old soda can. Tie some finishing line to the can to act as a bobber. Cut the pull tab open. Bend it into a hook shape. File it into a sharp point. Punch a small hole in the top of the pull tab. Tie the fishing line to the hook. Add a small rock to weigh down the hook. Use a small piece of foam from an old flip-flop to prevent the hook from sinking to the bottom.
  • Tide Fishing - If you are near the ocean tide fishing could be very useful. Pick a place on the shore. It will need to be underwater at high tide and above water at low tide. Build a rock wall to create a small pool. Fish will swim over the wall at high tide and when the water level decreases they will become trapped. Check back when the tide goes out and you should have dinner will be ready and waiting.
  • DIY Fishing Net - You will need cordage, sizing card, a netting needle, and a ground stake. Start by loading your cord onto your netting needle. Loop the end of the line over the ground stake. The sizing card will be the finished size of the hole. Make sure the hole is small enough to catch the size of fish you want. Thread the cord around the sizing card. Make a stopper knot. This will give you two loops. Take a loop and repeat the process. The net will grow in the shape of a triangle.


4 years ago