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How to Skin and Gut a Rabbit

By Emily Hutchison
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Rabbits are a great source of protein. Unlike beef and chicken,selective focus photography of brown rabbit they aren't pumped of antibiotics. Rabbit eat fresh greens generally. They reproduce extremely quickly ensuring your food source in well stocked. Skinning and preparing rabbits can be a challenge, follow this simple steps to help it go smoother. The fresher the rabbit, the easier skinning will be. Allowing the rabbit to decompose could taint the meat so it is important to skin and gut the rabbit right away.


  • Large knife
  • Flat work surface


  1. Place the rabbit on a flat surface on its belly
  2. Pinch the hide near the neck and cut all the way around the neck
  3. Cut from the stomach to the neck, careful not to puncher the stomach as the juices could contaminate the meat
  4. Create an opening by pulling the skin away from the meat with your index and middle finger
  5. Hold the carcass by the hide legs and pull the skin off like you would remove a pair of pants
  6. Pull the upper part of the skin towards the base of the skull
  7. Cut the head and tail off
  8. Cut off the feet at the ankle
  9. Make a cut near the pelvis
  10. Place a finger on either side of the knife
  11. Lift the skin and cut towards the head, careful not to cut deep enough to pierce the stomach
  12. Cut the rib cage open
  13. Pull out the organs in one motion starting under the rib cage and pulling towards the pelvis
  14. Set aside the kidneys, liver, and heart. They can be eaten, its a matter of personal taste. Avoid eating the liver if it looks discolored. This is could be a sign of a sick squirrel.
  15. Cut through the pelvis and rinse out any droppings that remain
  16. Wash the rabbit with clean water to ensure fur, blood, and droppings are cleaned off
  17. Remove the silver skin or thin layer of fat from the entire rabbit
  18. Cut just under the shoulder blades to remove the front legs
  19. Cut against the rabbit's loin and down the rib cage to remove the meat from the belly
  20. Use a sharp knife to cut through the hip joint to remove the back legs
  21. Fillet the back and ribs, do not cut meat off the rib cage, cut away from the spine and ribs
  22. Save the neck, ribcage, and pelvis to make rabbit stock
  23. Cut the rabbit into more manageable sections for cooking or storage


7 years ago