EasyPrep Very Veggie - 156 Servings

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Quick Facts

Net Weight:

2lb 10oz (1,178g)

Total Servings:


Total Calories:


Shelf Life:

Up to 25 Years

Food Type:






Serving Size:

Will Vary

EasyPrep Very Veggie
Nutrition Facts for an average day with this kit
Serving Size Will Vary
Servings Per Container About 156
Amount Per Serving
Calories 142
Calories from Fat 10
% Daily Value*
Total Fat    0g
Saturated Fat    0g
Trans Fat    0g
Cholesterol    0mg
Sodium    89mg
Total Carbohydrate    27g
Dietary Fiber    8g
Sugars    6g
Protein    9g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Long Shelf Life | Great Source of Nutrition | Re-sealable Pouch

Food storage the easy way
EasyPrep food storage is simple! Each bucket is prepackaged with food that you'll love. Just get one bucket to start getting prepared! Nutritious
Freeze-drying veggies preserves freshness better than any other method. Maximum convenience
Just eat straight from the pouch or to reconstitute just tear open the top and add warm water. Re-seal and after 5 minutes drain water and enjoy. Storage friendly
With a shelf life of 25 years and packaged in a stack-able bucket, the EasyPrep line will fit within your preparation boundaries. EasyPrep freeze dried vegetables are preserved with more freshness and nutrition than any other method of storing vegetables. These garden delights are picked straight from the vine and immediately packaged and preserved to last 25 years. You and your family can enjoy them at any time by just simply adding water or eating them straight out of the bag. The EasyPrep Very Veggie is a great option for food storage emergency supplies with high-quality packaging and enough nutrition to keep you and your family running in a disaster. Stay prepared with high-quality vegetables like corn, peas or broccoli at any time.

It is important to keep a balanced food supply containing fruits and vegetables in your food storage. The freeze-drying process preserves the freshness of vegetables better than any other method; locking in the taste, nutrition, and vitamins similar to that of the original veggie. All EasyPrep buckets are stack-able too, keeping your food storage neat and tidy while protecting it from rodents and water.

When you're done with the bucket you can also use it for a myriad of purposes. Besides its utility, the EasyPrep buckets are rectangular which saves 20% floor space versus a round bucket. Plus, since they stack you can save even more space by going vertical!

Vegetables (156 Servings - 13 Pouches):
(4) EasyPrep Freeze Dried Sweet Corn - Pouch
(3) EasyPrep Freeze Dried Green Peas - Pouch
(3) EasyPrep Freeze Dried Green Beans - Pouch
(3) EasyPrep Freeze Dried Broccoli - Pouch

Occasionally Items may be substituted with similar items due to availability. Total calories maybe increased or decreased as a result.

More Information
Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.75" x 12" x 14.75"
Brand EasyPrep
Total Calories 4,836
Shelf Life Up to 25 Years
Net Weight 2lb 10oz (1,178g)
Preservation Freeze-Dried
Total Servings 156
Food Type Vegetables
Storage Requirements Click to Read Storage Requirements

Shelf Life Statement

To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims, industry standards and relevant studies from reliable sources. The Ready Store disclaims any liability or warranty as actual shelf life results may vary depending on individual storage conditions.

Packaging Pouches in Bucket
Sugar (g) 6
Serving Size Will Vary
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